W is for ‘Workspace’

While being in a writer’s group, I’ve learned that this particular breed of person has a passing interest in how their peers use their workspace.

Here are a few snapshots of my home office. The lighting is horrible and the photos are blurry. I do apologize for that, but it’s been a busy month and I’m just going with what I’ve got.


First, the general picture of the whole space. I have Pixar’s “22 rules of storytelling” pinned over my double widescreen displays. I try to read one of these daily  and consider how my current project might be following AND breaking that particular rule. The double display comes in handy when I need to keep some research in view while simultaneously working on composition. It can be difficult to keep that second display focused on research and not on Tweetdeck or Facebook!


To my left I have a hand-written poster of ‘feeling words’ beneath a print of Jackson Pollock’s Greyed Rainbow. I consult this list when I’m trying to get into the head of one of my characters and explore what they might be feeling at any given moment. Once I find the word that best fits, I consult the emotion thesaurus to better understand how my character might show that particular emotion.

To my right I have taped up a huge piece of heavy paper on which I scribble new ideas as they come to me. It’s not uncommon to hear me running through the house to get to this poster before the idea expires. It looks rather insane at times, with doodles, new character names, concept maps, etc. but it works for me.


Integral to my sanity are a wireless keyboard and mouse. Fighting cables while trying to generate content during word sprints is a good way for electronic objects to find themselves suddenly on the opposite side of the room, racing towards the wall at great speed.

Much of my desk is in a mess  the moment because Juan and I have been ever so busy preparing the house of a party in a few days. Tune into my “Y” post to find out why!